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What exactly is PLR? 

PLR, or Private Label Rights means those templates are yours to use for personal or commercial use.


They are templates that can be purchased that are ready-made but must be modified and rebranded to use for content or marketing purposes without worrying about copyright infringement.


This means that you MUST change the fonts, colors, and graphics to customize the template to fit your brand before using it on your blog, social media, or website. 


In this shop, we sell PLR templates that bloggers and shop owners can edit on or other platforms where stated. 

What Can I use PLR for?

  • Use the templates as pretty lead magnets to collect emails from your followers. 

  • Add them to your blog shop or online stores for purchase to make extra income.

  • Give them away as a free download in your content or blog posts.

The best part is you don't have to waste time creating something from scratch!


What is Canva? is a free-to-use online graphic design tool and so much more! It is what you will use to edit your templates. They have free and premium accounts. When you purchase a template from me you will receive a PDF file with a Canva link to access the template.


You click the link on the PDF and your Canva dashboard will open. Click the purple button on the bottom to save the template to your account and start editing! Save the PDF in case you need to access the template again.

FYI: You must follow Canva's rules for the use of their Pro Elements graphics. You are NOT ALLOWED to sell or give away (as a freebie) the final PDF using Pro Elements. You must use the FREE Elements or upload your own purchased graphics into Canva. Please read Canva's Licensing section for more info before editing your template. 

I may use a different editor for some projects like Apple Keynote. Be sure to check what files were used on the listing for the product before purchasing.

Our templates are created using Canva, to make them look pretty they may include both Free and Pro elements (aka graphics). You must pay to use the individual Pro Elements before downloading. If


Canva prompts you to make a payment before accessing your products, you're likely using the free version. To fix this you can remove the Pro element and proceed to download or you have the option to register for a complimentary 30-day trial of Canva Pro in order to download your items without any additional cost. 



In most cases, I will send you the blank version of my template and an image of how it could be styled. If the template is sent with Pro Elements just click on the circle with an exclamation point and you see if the element is Free or Pro.

If it is a Pro Element, just click and search in the Elements tab on the left side of the dashboard for a free replacement.


An easy trick to find Free Elements is to click the toggle at the top of the Elements tab when searching and then click to see only the free items. 

What if I have never used Canva before?

Canva's platform is pretty easy to use. You must know how to change colors, fonts, images, and branding. I suggest you make a free account and try it out before purchasing a template. 

Do you sell limited content? 

Yes, I will be making some templates or finished products that are limited to be sold to 5 or 10 people only. They will be in different colors, fonts, and graphics so they will be unique and not look exactly alike. 

Rules you MUST follow to use our templates?

  1. You cannot copy or use these templates to sell these product/s with PLR rights.

  2. You cannot offer Master Resell Rights.

  3. All templates must be saved as PDFs for personal use only. 

  4. Follow the Canva rules I stated above.

  5. All templates must be modified to reflect your own style and brand. 

  6. You CAN NOT under any circumstance share the template link with anyone. 

  7. You CAN NOT share, copy, distribute, or resell my original design as your own.

  8. You CAN NOT use the PLR digital products in any illegal or unethical way.

  9. Each template or template set may be used for one business/online store only.

  10. You may sell an unlimited amount of products. 

If you have any questions, please, send me a message!

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